Autumn table
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Creating an Autumnal Table / AD

Autumn table

I’m not sure where the days are going. One minute it’s summer and the next it’s jumper weather and everyone’s getting excited for Christmas. I think if the recent months have taught me anything it’s to slow down a little and appreciate the ‘right now’. So we may not be able to go for our usual days out, but we can go for walks and enjoy the crunching of leaves underfoot. And while we can’t have guests round for gatherings, we can still enjoy decorating our tables (just for us) and spending time on the styling and details. It’s like the whole thing of ‘saving items for best’ – and then finding you’ve hardly used pieces that you really love. Why save dolling up our tables for guests, when one of the best parts is in the actual styling itself – as we can still take enjoyment from that.


To start with though, you need a table that’s worthy of dressing. The Hairpin Leg Company has some great new legs that they’ve just launched and when they asked if I’d like to try them out, it was a no-brainer. I already love their classic design, but the new wire frame legs are totally modern and feature a triangulated design that can support large tops easily. I went for black metal, to match my existing dining chair legs, and then chose a solid oak tabletop, which is a decent size and really good quality – and I love how you can see all the grain and knots in the wood.


oak table top

Metal hairpin legs

They’re easy to put together too. You just line up the legs on the under side of the tabletop, make pencil marks where the screws are going to go – then drill your holes and add the legs and screws. Simple! I really like that you can use any top with their legs, so you can get as creative as you want. If you don’t want to source a tabletop though, these readymade tabletops are perfect and really sturdy. I went for a tabletop that measures L180cm x W75cm and it’s a good size – long without being so big it overtakes your room. Almost too nice to cover up! Almost…

Measuring a table

Drilling a table

So, how did I style it for autumn? Well, firstly I decided on a colour scheme. I had some flowers sent to me from a friend, in lovely rich reds, vibrant oranges and a tiny bit of pink, and I decided to get my inspiration from those. I split the flowers up into five different vases, all different heights and shapes, and peppered them down the centre of the table on a runner, so as not to mark the table. All the vases I chose are brown-pink and terracottas, apart from one large one that I put in the centre with some long twigs that I’d found on a walk.

autumn table

Next I added a collection of brown leaves, acorns, conkers and pine cones around the vases. Some people might think this looks messy, but I prefer that natural, relaxed feel on a table. I also added some faux pumpkins that I’d painted and originally had on a wreath – I’ve taken them off as I’m going to be changing the wreath to more of a Christmassy feel soon, and the pumpkins just look so nice on the table.

Autumn tablescape


I used the same colour paint to decorate a few acorns and then stuck a letter initial sticker to each of them, before placing one in each bowl instead of a name tag – a sweet little touch!

Autumn tables cape


Gold cutlery, simple white heart-shaped crockery, leafy napkins and some vintage candle holders (that once belonged to my nan) provided the finishing touches to the table. I think the natural setting works really well with the oak tabletop – what do you think?

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